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How Much Home Insurance Do You Need in California?

When you are getting home insurance from an agent at Seacliff Insurance and Financial Services, you need to make sure you are getting enough coverage. You should have enough dwelling coverage to match the replacement cost of your home. California law requires that an insurer give you an estimate of the replacement cost of your home so you can make sure that you have enough insurance. For liability coverage, most policies come with $100,000 of insurance, but this usually isn’t enough coverage. The cost to defend yourself from a lawsuit or pay for serious injuries can quickly go above that amount. It’s recommended that you raise your limits.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

You will find that your home policy covers different things. Coverage A provides coverage that protects the home and any attached structures if a peril damages them. Coverage B provides coverage for other structures on the premises that aren’t connected to your dwelling. This can include tool sheds or detached coverage. This coverage is generally limited to 10% of the total coverage, but you are allowed to purchase more insurance. Coverage C is for your personal property. You may need more coverage for things such as furs, antiques, jewelry, silverware, or firearms based on value. Coverage D is for loss of use. This will help you with additional living expenses if a covered peril damages your dwelling, and you aren’t able to live in your home. Coverage E is for personal liability to provide you coverage if you or someone who resides in your household are legally responsible for injuring others. This coverage will typically pay for the defense and pay damages as appropriate. There are some exceptions, such as if an intentional act causes the damages. Coverage F is for medical payments to others for those that are accidentally injured while on your property. This doesn’t apply to your injuries or those of people who live in your household.

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